Modigie Announces Managed Service Package on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—MARCH 31, 2021—Modigie, a B2B sales enablement and productivity platform focused on employer validation and mobile communication, announced today the release of a Salesforce Managed Package, now available on the AppExchange.  The package is designed to help companies using the Salesforce CRM to automatically enrich and cleanse their contact data by providing real-time validated mobile phone number enrichment paired with best time to call insights.  In addition, the package provides just-in-time Employer Validation data and hygiene to ensure sales and marketing teams are connecting with the right prospect at the right company.

The B2B landscape has seen significant shifts that are here to stay.  A recent survey from PwC Survey (September, 2020) confirms that 80% of respondents consider remote working the new norm, and mobile devices are being used as the primary source for business communication.  Even as local quarantine and lock-down restrictions ease, 45% of companies will no longer require employees to come to the office.  According to Boston Consulting Group’s recent Future of the Workplace survey, business leaders are taking a long-term view and believe their workforce will be more remote than ever, with 40% of employees utilizing a remote working model moving forward.  Real-time, accurate mobile phone number validation and enrichment has never been more timely or relevant.

Gartner reports that B2B contact data decays at a rate of around 3 percent a month.  Modigie’s own customer survey reveals that as much as 25% of new leads imported into their CRM’s were already invalid due to a job / employer change.  With Modigie’s new Salesforce Managed Package, users can address data hygiene at the outset and data decay through maintenance — setting up automated rules for just-in-time hygiene that cleanses and updates records as they enter the system and setting up data maintenance time intervals.

The managed package is available at:

For more information, visit, or contact (415) 960-4474 or


Comments on the News

  • Ken Hoppe, CEO of Modigie, said: “Integrating the Modigie validation and enrichment engine with Salesforce is an exciting and natural progression for our company. A majority of our customers spend much of their time in Salesforce.  We heard time and again our client’s desire to ingest and utilize Modigie’s transformative services more efficiently and effectively through their Salesforce CRM.  We have answered that call and are thrilled to partner with our customers in this new way. At the end of the day, we are not satisfied unless our customers are doubling their productivity with Modigie, and experiencing measurable and impactful results.”
  • Ted Elliott, CEO of Copado, said: “When we first started with Modigie over a year ago, the world was a very different place.  There were many more engagement options through which our sales and marketing staff could operate. In-person meetings, lunch & learns, conferences, to connect live and share our value proposition. Back then, Modigie was one of the most useful and effective tools in our top-of-funnel campaigns to engage net new prospects.  Today, it is essential.”
  • Justin Allen, Director of Sales at Sumo Logic, said: “The ability to layer in Modigie into the cadence across a traditional outbound prospecting campaign of six to eight touches – consisting of email, call, and LinkedIn – was powerful. We loaded up our net new contacts and had almost a 75 percent hit rate in meetings. And these were high-level contacts at marquee companies.”
  • “Modigie is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as they power digital transformation for customers by resolving database decay challenges that happen during the course of business,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to enable our partners to build cutting-edge solutions to drive customer success.”


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About Modigie

Modigie is a B2B sales enablement platform focused on mobile communication that enables sellers to connect, converse, and convert with the work-from-anywhere business professional. With smart and easy-to-use automation capabilities, users can automate repetitive manual tasks with clicks, not code, enriching contacts with validated, working mobile phone numbers, along with the best time to call, bringing sellers and buyers closer together.

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