80% of all missed revenue opportunities occur at the



On average, only 10-20% of your Total Addressable Market is currently reachable. The rest can’t be reached.

Data is the catalyst of all outbound engagement. Without accurate and complete contact level data, 80%-90% of your target market will never be tapped.


Modigie doubles your sales funnel

by unlocking and optimizing the performance of your outbound and your GTM contact-level data.

sales funnel double

*Industry Sales Funnel Averages, Outbound Metrics, The Bridge Group, 2023

The majority of your sales tech stack—including your reps—rely on your contact-level data to create engagement.

data: the core performance blindspot

Every sales team, no matter which vendors it employs, has ZERO visibility into the performance of their GTM Data. It’s the only part of your sales tech stack NOT being measured, tracked, or optimized.


unlock GTM Contact Data performance metrics with modigie.

Modigie unlocks performance metrics for your GTM contact level data, allowing your sales tech stack and personnel to perform at a significantly higher level, without doing anything differently.


that prevent the majority of your engagement—no matter which vendors you use!


avg. company records with inaccurate mobile numbers


avg. prospects not employed at target company


prospects with missing or inaccurate mobile numbers


of the prospects your team tries to reach LACK CRITICAL CONTACT DATA!

What increased engagement will your team realize with Modigie?

key features

Root Cause Analysis with Real-Time Solutions

Advanced Data Diagnostic

  • Identifies performance problems
  • Measures their impact on engagement and revenues
  • Implements customized solutions in real time

Cloud-based Real-time Software Engine

  • Enables the most current, accurate results and the broadest reach to be delivered
  • Multi-step validation engine

Modigie’s Salesforce Managed Package

  • Sets up in only 90 minutes
  • Enables immediate increased engagement at the top of the sales funnel without reps even knowing it’s there

Measurable Results


Automatic optimization

of the outbound prospects you’re trying to reach.


Increased Engagement

at the top of your sales funnel.


ROI within weeks

with annual ROI averaging over 1,000%.

What is Modigie?

Automated Data Optimization

Modigie empowers outbound sellers with real-time data optimization for accuracy and completeness.

Customizable Rules

Define and enforce business rules for Modigie to optimize data without manual intervention.

Effortless Integration

Modigie, a native Salesforce Managed Package, eliminates standalone tools and requires under 2 hours for setup.

Streamlined Workflow

Modigie works silently, freeing BDRs and SDRs to focus on sales, not data management.

Increased Customer Acquisition

Modigie optimizes your GTM data, providing increased access to your target market.

Real-time Results in seconds


Software engine and algorithms build a real-time comprehensive digital profile from a broad range of data variables.


Multi-step validation engine identifies “signal from the noise,” returning today’s accurate data today


Dynamic Rules engine sets up within 10 minutes and enforces your choice of business rules for Modigie to analyze and optimize records right before they are used, without manual intervention.


Just-In-Time updates and automation running in the background result in 100% user adoption with zero process change or training.


Every Record entering an outbound pursuit can be automatically analyzed, cleansed, and optimized just prior to outreach by the rep.


Modigie results are returned into Salesforce in seconds, then updated in the corresponding sales engagement tool, making them available to the rep right before outbound begins.

Dynamic Rules Engine

Adapts to your workflows, automatically providing exactly what you need when you need it.

Modigie analyzes and optimizes records right before they are used without rep involvement.

Salesforce Managed Package

leads & contacts

Sales Engagement Tools


Real-Time Software Engine with Multi-step Validation

outbound team

Modigie Essentials

A price to value model that enables 100% ROI in a matter of weeks.

Modigie Essentials, Annual Engagements

Minimum annual or multi year contract value starts at $10,000.

Help your reps accomplish more without doing more.

  • Real-time software engine providing just-in-time results right before reps call.
  • Perform in the background; no training or disruption.
  • Salesforce Managed Package. Sets up in only 90 minutes.
  • Performs automatically with 100% user adoption.
  • SOC 2 Compliant

Increase your prospect engagement
by at least 100%

Modigie Customer Stories

100% increase within the first hour!

“In production, our conversation rates with prospective buyers have doubled ever since we began using Modigie. Within the first hour of testing, we had to turn off the parallel dialer we were using, because so many prospects were answering, our reps could not keep up.”

William Carven

Global Vice President, Inside Sales, Business Development

56% increase in coverage with Modigie’s Salesforce-native app!

“We just trialed Modigie and are moving forward. We average ~4.5% with ZoomInfo and our trial indicated ~7% with Modigie on top. I like that it’s a SFDC-native app and delivers numbers without the rep having to enrich the data manually.”

Drake Duenas

Enterprise Account Executive

Insane ROI and hard data to back up claims!

“Anyone running B2B outbound sales should be lining up to see a demo of Modigie, Inc. . . . I have no affiliation with Modigie. I’m not even connected to any Modigie employees. I just know what Ken Hoppe and Keith LeClaire have built and it is phenomenal and they could charge 5X and still provide insane ROI. I have seen their thoroughly documented proof of results . . . they are one of the few companies in this space which can prove their claims with hard data.”

Mark America Smith, PdH

Sales Culture Expert

Best phone number accuracy and seamless Salesloft integration!

“We selected Modigie out of 10 companies as Modigie had the best phone number accuracy rate and they connect seamlessly to Salesloft and allow the mobile number to be the first number you dial.”

Meliss Macatuno

Marketing Director, StarCompliance

Optimize your sales tech stack and streamline outbound selling!

“Personally, my new fave is Modigie. It helps sales & marketing! It allows you to track champions in your deals better than some other tools. Automatically identifying and fixing inaccurate contact information inside Salesforce, adds missing mobile numbers (which we know some other providers lack), and essentially optimizing your entire sales tech stack so outbound sellers can do their jobs better.”

Katherine Andruha, MBA

Sales Leader Helping Unicorn Companies Scale, Top 100 Women in Sales ‘22

Enjoy more live conversations with target prospects!

“The power of Orum is amplified when paired with valid mobile phone number data. Companies using Modigie and Orum together will enjoy more live conversations with their target prospects than ever before.”

Jason Dorfman


We have aligned founding and advisory experience to execute our strategy.

Ken Hoppe



David Pauli


50X Implemented

Keith LeClaire


2X Founder

Kyle Coleman



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VP Demand Generation


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VP Revenue Ops


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Customer Engineering


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