Your First Mover Advantage in B2B

Connect with your customers ahead of the competition

Claim your first mover advantage and prevent churn with precise mobile data and real-time updates on your champions’ job changes – all effortlessly automated.

Fresh results.

In real time.

Every time.

Modigie’s software engine is a game changer for the industry. Unlike databases with spotty coverage and misleading data, Modigie’s solution delivers the latest contact data directly to your reps the moment they need it.

Fresh results.

In real time.

Every time.

Modigie’s software engine is a game changer for the industry. Unlike databases with spotty coverage and misleading data, Modigie’s solution delivers the latest contact data directly to your reps the moment they need it.

No training.

No workflow changes.

No risk of nonadoption.

No joke.

You need mobile numbers that work.

On average, your traditional contact data providers only produce


mobile coverage.

mobile coverage

Of all the mobile numbers that your traditional all-in-one contact tools provide,


are inaccurate.

You need mobile numbers that work.

When mobile is imperative to your outbound strategy, you need the only company that focuses exclusively on mobile enrichment.

No replacing workflows. 

No swapping engagement tools.

Modigie sweetens the pot.

In an industry first, Modigie sits uniquely at the intersection of traditional data providers, Salesforce CRM, Sales Engagement tools like Outreach and Salesloft, and dialers like Orum to provide automatic enrichment.

Customers who use Modigie to track employment changes and to replace wrong numbers see an average

60% additional coverage.

Modigie provides the only software engine that provides accurate, up-to-date mobile contact data to your reps in real time.

With no training required, our proprietary software engine works behind the scenes to equip your team with the latest contact data in the moment:

2x – 4x

automatic increase in your

accurate mobile coverage

30% – 32%

of your mobile numbers are

inaccurate and automatically

On average, 9%

of your prospects do not meet your ICP.

Automatically identify and replace them with those that do.

Go on: Take a peek.

Empower your reps with the contact data they need in real time.

Want to take our solution out for a test drive? Reach out to one of our contact data experts to get your own free GTM Data Diagnostic to fully quantify the accuracy and coverage of your current contact data. In just 10 minutes, you can get a detailed snapshot outlining a forensic analysis of your contact data and how it impacts your lead conversions.

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Customer Stories

"Personally, my new fave is Modigie. It helps sales & marketing! It allows you to track champions in your deals better than some other tools. Automatically identifying and fixing inaccurate contact information inside Salesforce, adds missing mobile numbers (which we know some other providers lack), and essentially optimizing your entire sales tech stack so outbound sellers can do their jobs better."

– Katherine Andruha, MBA –
Sales Leader Helping Unicorn Companies Scale, Top 100 Women in Sales ‘22

"Modigie has something that every sales team needs. Modigie shows what the performance of your GTM Data currently looks like and what it would be with Modigie running in the background. The results are pretty eye-opening."

– Brandon O’Sullivan –

"Modigie’s Forensic Analysis took less than 10 minutes. Some of the results were shocking, and demonstrated how Modigie could not only provide us OVER 400% MORE MOBILE NUMBER COVERAGE for our prospects, but could also automatically cleanse our inaccurate data, in realtime, right before we use it."

– Global Vice President Inside Sales –
Business Development, Impetus

"With Modigie running in the background, we should conceivably be able to DOUBLE our key outbound metrics. In production, our conversation rates with prospective buyers have doubled ever since we began using Modigie. We also use Orum for high volume dialing and the combination of the two enables us to get twice the productivity out of our outbound personnel."

– Global Vice President Inside Sales –
Business Development, Impetus

“We selected Modigie out of 10 companies as Modigie had the best phone number accuracy rate and they connect seamlessly to Salesloft and allow the mobile number to be the first number you dial.”

– Melissa Macatuno –
Marketing Director, StarCompliance

"The power of Orum is amplified when paired with valid mobile phone number data. Companies using Modigie and Orum together will enjoy more live conversations with their target prospects than ever before."

– Jason Dorfman –
CEO, Orum

Trust & Privacy

As a key partner in your mobile sales engagement strategy, Modigie is dedicated to earning and maintaining your trust. We accomplish this by ingraining our three pillars of trust into every process in our organization:


  • Categories of personal data concerned
  • Categories of B2B customers to whom the personal data has or will be disclosed
  • Data retention policy
  • Right to lodge a complaint with supervisory authority

  • Right to request rectification, objection of processing, restriction of processing, opt-out of sale, and/or erasure of personal data
  • Any available information as to the source of the personal data
  • Existence of automated decision making


  • Secure people process
  • Application & API endpoint security
  • Network security
  • Cloud and information security
  • Risk management practices


  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)