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What is Modigie?

Automated Data Optimization

Modigie empowers outbound sellers with real-time data optimization for accuracy and completeness.

Customizable Rules

Define and enforce business rules for Modigie to optimize data without manual intervention.

Effortless Integration

Modigie, a native Salesforce Managed Package, eliminates standalone tools and requires under two hours for setup.

Streamlined Workflow

Modigie works silently, freeing BDRs and SDRs to focus on sales, not data management.

Increased Customer Acquisition

Modigie optimizes your GTM data, providing increased access to your target market.

We have aligned founding and advisory experience to execute our strategy.

Keith LeClaire


2X Founder

David Pauli


Kyle Coleman



Doug Landis

GTM & Growth

Palen Schwab

VP Revenue Ops