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Real-time Results in seconds


The software engine and algorithms build a real-time comprehensive digital profile from a broad range of data variables.


The multistep validation engine identifies “signal from the noise,” returning today’s accurate data today.


The dynamic rules engine sets up within 10 minutes and enforces your choice of business rules for Modigie to analyze and optimize records right before they are used, without manual intervention.


Just-in-time updates and automation running in the background result in 100% user adoption with zero process change or training.


Every record entering an outbound pursuit can be automatically analyzed, cleansed, and optimized just prior to outreach by the rep.


Modigie results are returned into Salesforce in seconds, then updated in the corresponding sales engagement tool, making them available to the rep right before outbound begins.

Dynamic Rules Engine

The dynamic rules engine adapts to your workflows, automatically providing exactly what you need, when you need it.

Modigie analyzes and optimizes records right before they are used without rep involvement.

Salesforce Managed Package

leads & contacts

Sales Engagement Tools


Real-Time Software Engine with Multi-step Validation

outbound team

Develop rule sets to accommodate one or several workflows and use cases in just two minutes.

  1. Create a logic condition leveraging automation.
  2. Create a report and add members to a campaign.
  3. Enrich via list view.

Monitor records that meet specified logic conditions in real time.

Monitor records that meet specified logic conditions in real time.

Make actionable record changes (such as new employer) through easy rule-set creation.